We are more than just a school, we're a family!


Green Hills is a preschool-kindergarten school that offers a safe and friendly environment where children can start developing their motor and social skills. We are proudly a Bilingual Learning Academy where children are exposed to both the English and Spanish languages. Our students at Green Hills develop the proper language skills and will build up a strong vocabulary. Our qualified teachers have the preparation and knowledge to help each student become successful in discovering and exploring their academic interest. We are committed to promote family values that, not only will enrich the social and personal life of our students, but will also set them on a path of becoming citizens that will make a difference in their communities.

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To provide high quality education in a respectful and loving environment. We are committed to the families by providing support and encouragement.



In an encouraging and loving environment, our curriculum will build children’s self esteem and problem solving skills. Our objective is to help our children become caring members of our community and the world.


Green Hills provides a caring atmosphere which gives our children the opportunity to develop a high academic level, high self-esteem, but most importantly, respect for themselves and others.