Is your program year round?

No, we follow a traditional school year program which begins approximately mid-August and ends mid-June. 

Do you offer extended care programs?

As a convenience to our families, we offer the option of an extended hour, which is non-academic before school starts, from 7:30 - 8:30 a.m and extended care after school until 6:00 p.m.

Are lunch programs offered?

Lunch is provided by parents. We encourage parents to pack a healthy and well balanced meal.

What type of program /curriculum do you offer?

Our curriculum is carefully designed to develop and encourage your child’s growth in all areas: social, emotional, intellectual and physical. Because we believe that communication is the key to understanding, a major emphasis is placed upon the acquisition and development of language skills.

Is Green Hills a day care?

No, our program is completely academic and makes the emphasis in not one but two languages: English and Spanish. We also take advantage of using both the Traditional and the Montessori methods of education. Our schedule is arranged so that there are two learning sessions per day: one in English and one in Spanish, both have equal length.

Are nap times part of your daily school routine?

No, nap time is not part of our curriculum, however, if it’s necessary for a child to rest, we provide sleeping cots were they are allowed to sleep. The only time we allow children to nap is in extended care, were they can rest.

Is there an enrollment fee? What does it cover?

Yes, there is an enrollment fee at the beginning of the child’s school year. The enrollment fee covers materials and their emergency kit. 

Do you offer any summer programs?

Absolutely, we offer a summer program filled with fun activities, field trips, and water days. Our summer camp is offered in weekly themes were children enjoy their favorite activities like cooking, sports, music, and more… 

Is it possible to come for a tour of your school?

Definitely, we would love for you to visit and discover what our program has to offer. 

If you have any additional questions remember you can always contact us

(619) 656-5795